Staff Training (Content)

Personal Care Home Fire Safety Training

All training is based on your regulatory requirements. 60 to 90 minute training sessions customized to your community

Training Topics include but are not Limited to:

Evacuation procedures.

Staff duties and responsibilities during fire drills.

Designated meeting places.

Fire safe areas

Smoking policy and location of smoking areas, if applicable. 

The location and use of fire extinguishers. 

Smoke detectors and fire alarms.

Telephone use and notification of emergency services.

Emergency preparedness procedures

Recognition and response to crises and emergency situations

Unobstructed Egress

Exits and Exit Paths

Space Heaters

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitors

Electrical Safety

Toxic Materials

Combustible and Flammable Materials

Communication Systems - Phones, Portable Radios, Pagers and Overhead Announcement Systems

Lint Removal from Dryers